About Us

Being the descendant of a Swabian business family provided the foundation for entrepreneurial spirit.

The last generation succeeded over the course of more than 20 years in establishing itself on the spot as the guarantor of smooth and reliable export of goods from Asia to Europe.

With this background the intention took shape, apart from exports, to establish access to the growing Chinese market for European businesses.

Growing up between Chinese and German culture laid the foundations for cultural understanding, which was deepened by undergraduate study of Mandarin in China.

The subsequent dual academic and applied course of study, which was successfully completed in equal parts in Germany and in a Chinese import & export company, reinforced the passion for trade and foreign markets.

The insights gained and obstacles observed in business relationships between the cultures bolstered the desire to confront these challenges and operate as a reliable partner for both sides. The following master’s degree, which focused on international trade, in turn served as preparation for becoming an entrepreneur.

Reliable and secure processing of goods and services is a matter of course, based on access to an international network built up over 20 years, with a personally trained workforce and an understanding of both cultures.